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Bathroom Makeover

In a home, bathrooms can appear sterile and uninviting.  And they are often the last place in the house to get a
Many times the fixtures cause visual interruptions in the room. Note how the use of wallpaper and properly placed
accessories hug and wrap the space into a completed capsule of beauty and warmth.
Sometimes it takes only a few simple changes to make the bathroom not only a “necessary,” but a nifty experience.
~ Mary Z. _DSC0011

Good News!


In one of my journals I logged a profound new way of thinking about self- forgiveness. I don’t know who the thoughts came from or where, but I concur 100% with the sentiments.

I and probably you, have heard this numerous times: ” I can’t forgive myself.” This can be a ball and chain around our necks if we fall for this thinking. Our gracious God has a different message for us: Christ’s sacrifice on the cross eliminates the need for us to forgive ourselves for our sin.

As our author of Hebrews points out (Hebrews 10:14),  if our forgiveness relies on our doing something, then that forgiveness really has no effect at all, outside of creating guilt. Will forgiving ourselves free us from our sin? No, it subconsciously puts the focus on us instead of humbling us before our Lord in the knowledge that we don’t deserve to be forgiven.

Jesus’ offering on the cross made us holy once and for all time. He fulfilled the first covenant. No more sacrifices, no more us us ” do-ing” to gain our cleansing.”

Done deal. How freeing. Jesus, I can’t forgive myself, but you have done it for me.


~ Mary Z

Guest Post: Brad Tombers

Hi all!

I’m Brad, Mary’s grandson.
When my grandma and her cousin Sharon first told me about their desire to write and share their experiences in the form of a blog, I was more than delighted to help!

I have a little bit of know-how when it comes to blogging because of what I do: photography!  My interest in photography is part of why I love hearing my grandmother’s stories so much.  Being able to see pictures from when she was a kid makes her stories come to life!  There’s nothing I really enjoy more than learning my family’s history over a piece of pie.

So now I’m the guy behind the website.  Mary and Sharon both create the content and I post the articles and an occasional picture of mine.

DSC_0561Right now, I live in Palmer, Alaska with my wife Nicole, and our dog Tim.  We do a lot of hiking, cooking, and reading.  In my spare time, I head out into the mountains to take pictures, which I post on my Facebook page.  Feel free to visit and “like” my page to get updates!








Color is Moody


Did you know that color choices are cyclical?  When Americans experienced the shock of the September 11 attack, we were smitten with grief, anger, and fear.  Our mood became heavy, and even the colors we selected to paint our walls became dark.


Lots of brick reds went onto the walls of kitchens and family rooms, two places where a family hangs out the most.  Now our mood has lifted, and we are beginning to choose colors that are more in the mid-range on the color wheel.  These colors lend themselves to much less intensity, and they lift our mood.


This palette makes us think Spring!

~Mary Zigan, Interior Designer






Skinny on the Skinny

WaterGot the bloat and belly pouch?  Not to be discouraged…remember it could be water retention, not body fat.
This detox water recipe will serve as a refreshing reminder to stay focused on eating healthy.
To a large water pitcher add:
14 – 16 cups of spring water
1 tsp. freshly grated ginger
1 cucumber, sliced thin
1 lemon and 1 lime, sliced thin
Several mint leaves
Combine all ingredients and chill to let the flavors blend overnight.
Mary Z