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Meditating on Goodness

Meditating on Goodness . . . God’s, and what He imparts to us

A Jewish prophet from several centuries ago was asked what God expects of us.

His response: “What does the Lord require of you?  To act justly and to love mercy 

and to walk humbly with your God.”    Micah 6:8

“Live in such a way that if people should see you, they could see God’s goodness in you.” (Anon.)

“Do all the good you can and make as little fuss about it as possible.”  Charles Dickens

“People are illogical, unreasonable, and self-centered. Love them anyway.” Anon.

We have no goodness of our own to impart, but the 23rd Psalm says, “The Lord is my shepherd, I shall not want . . .Surely goodness and love will follow me all the days of my life . . .”

“Because of the Lord’s great love, we are not consumed, for his compassions never fail. They are new every morning; great is your faithfulness.”  (Lam. 3:22-23)

Fruit Pizza

Fruit Pizza

This is kind of “fruity”…but I had to do! We are talking about the Fruit of the Spirit this month. I know, I know it’s not the same kind of fruit, and next month we will share more about that. But, is there anything tastier than fruit on a hot summer day? Well, add a crust and it’s really a winner! You may not care for all varieties of fruit, but you get to choose which fruit you want to work together in this dessert pie. It is not only colorful but is delicious! I believe you will be hooked once you try this easy-peasy recipe. 


  1. 16 oz. refrigerated sugar cookie dough – for the crust layer
  1. 0z. cream cheese – it makes the best frosting

(1/4) cup granulated sugar – to sweeten the frosting

(1/2) tsp. vanilla extract – for flavor. 

(4) cups fresh fruit – the highlight of the recipe. It adds so much flavor and color!

   (1/4) cup apricot preserves – for a nice sheen 

How to Make Fruit Pizza

  • Heat oven to 375 degrees. Butter a rimmed 12-inch pizza pan, line with parchment and butter.
  • Crumble cookie dough over prepared pizza pan and spread into an even layer to completely cover bottom of pan.
  • Bake 13 – 14 minutes. Remove from oven and cool completely on a wire rack.
  • In a mixing bowl using an electric hand mixer whip cream cheese with sugar and vanilla until light and fluffy. Spread evenly over cooled crust.
  • Cut up fruit and top in a pretty design on the cream cheese mixture.
  • Whisk together apricot preserves with enough water (1 TBSP) to easily brush over the fruit mixture. You can serve right away or chill awhile for later, however use the same day prepared.

Enjoy! ~ submitted by Mary Zigan

For Goodness Sake! Whatever Does It Mean?

For Goodness Sake! Whatever Does It Mean?  By Sharon Sheppard

On Friday nights when my teenage son and daughter would walk out the door, I’d usually call out to them, “Have fun! Be good!” And often I would add the words, “Not necessarily in that order!”  (Meaning, of course, that if they had to choose between being good or having fun, I hoped and prayed they would opt for being good.)

Since goodness is listed in the Bible as one of the nine traits listed as a “Fruit of the Spirit,” that is, it is one of the traits the Holy Spirit plants in the hearts of those who belong to Him, how should that be lived out?

The immediate image of being a “Goody-Goody” comes to mind.  (Dictionary definition: “A smug or obtrusively virtuous person.”) Ugh. Quietly doing the right things? Yes. 

So is there something you could do today–maybe give a word of encouragement or a helping hand to someone who needs it? Ask God to help you become more aware of ways He may want to use you.

If I do enough “good” deeds, will I get to Heaven? 

No. None of us could ever be good enough to earn our way there.

Does goodness mean that a true Christian is perfect and never does anything wrong? (If that’s the case, I don’t think I have ever met a Christian in my life.)  Like it or not, we are all sinful people, and we all disappoint God.  

Fortunately, Jesus went to the cross on our behalf to work out a sacrificial arrangement with His Father.  Jesus would pay for our sins, and the Father would forgive us if we ask: “If we confess our sins, He is faithful and just and will forgive us our sins . . .” 1 John 1:9

And one more thing: He wants to be our Savior, yes. But—and here’s the hard part—He also wants to be first in our life. Letting go and saying, “God, I give up. I want You to be the Lord of my life . . . “

Check it out and see what happens.

Who Is the “Goodest” Person You Know?

Who Is the “Goodest” Person You Know?  By Sharon Sheppard 

Would you like to be thought of as one of the “Good Guys?” Do you long to be known as a good person or parent or friend?”

Or to be really good at something?

What does it mean to be good?

Depends on whom you’re asking, I suppose.

When you think about people you know, who is the best (the “goodest”) person you’ve ever known? 

During the next few months, will be exploring that topic and other related questions.

Biblically, goodness is a quality identified as one of nine in a cluster called the “Fruit of the Spirit” in Galatians 5:22-23. 
Stay tuned for next week’s discussion of What it means to be GOOD.