A New Beginning for 2018


My name is Julie D, and I would like to share a personal journey my husband and I began in February, 2017. The reason I am so excited to send my message is that I hope my personal journey could help someone else who might be struggling with weight and trying to figure out how to “lose those excess pounds.” If I can help at least ONE person, then this blog will be so worth it!

A little background about myself: Growing up, I was as thin as a rail and eventually hit 100 pounds at age 21. There were never any weight issues that I had to be concerned with until I hit my 40s! A position that took me all over the country, which included business travel with all expenses paid, brought me up to 185 pounds.

In 2005, both my husband and I had started counting points with Weight Watchers and lost more than 85 pounds between the two of us.  We decided to add some physical activity, and purchased two bikes.  During that first year we rode a total of 300 miles. But 12 years later, we found that we had gained back 70% of the weight we had lost, and knew we needed to “do something” to drop the extra pounds and get healthier, as our health providers kept reminding us at every physical.

Last February, I was invited to a small fellowship of ladies who felt like I did about my weight. We agreed to gather and discuss some of our personal concerns and whether we would like to begin the journey to a better lifestyle. The 3 of us decided to gather weekly to begin evaluating our personal goals and desires to get healthier. This was not just a food strategy, portion control, weight loss program; but, more importantly, it would be an in-depth reflection on the true reasons we overate and what we could do to manage our habits. After 10 months, the good news is that, between my husband and me, we have lost more than 55 pounds.  But, more importantly, we have gained the tools and dedication we need to keep the momentum going forward!

Are you ready for the New Year?

It is always a challenging time of year for us to embrace the past and look forward to the future. I can’t tell you how many years I would have to brace myself for constant advertisements highlighting New Year’s resolutions and “Quick Weight Loss” programs that kept repeating and repeating. I thought if I heard about another stranger who lost over 90 pounds, I would scream!!!  Losing weight is NOT easy. If it were, few people would be in the shape that they currently are in.

The most difficult step I had to take was the first one: Facing the accountability to go to that first get-together with the ladies who were also suffering with excess food and fat. For the next month, we collaborated weekly to discuss personal struggles, strategies, and successes. After 4 weeks, I wasn’t like all the weight loss commercials promised, and I had barely dropped one pound!! It was not the idea of losing excess weight quickly that motivated me (I didn’t think a woman in menopause could lose a pound), but the friendship and faith-based meetings that allowed me to think much deeper about food and control. Believe me, consuming food is a MIND game, and changing your habits and attitudes is half the battle.

I do not have any secrets or magical schemes for weight loss and lifestyle adjustments. Most weight loss programs offer some sort of come-on that implies you will get slim fast and furious, and then you will be set for life! This is only a fantasy!! It is proven that most plans will work initially, but then the weight will eventually return if you have not made a deeper commitment.

After 10 months of success and still on track, I want to share some key principles you may want to consider for your own individual lifestyle and New Beginning:

* Be honest with yourself.

* Maintain a 2,000 calorie plan every day, knowing you will have better days and worse days. It is OK to “cheat” every so often, but you must be mindful of what you are eating and stay on plan consistently.

*Never refer to your new lifestyle plan as a “DIET.” It is right next to the word “die” in the dictionary, and if there is any one word that is a complete turnoff for any normal human being, it is this word. Ask yourself when you purchase food, “Is this a need or a want?” You will be surprised at how much food is not necessary and a poor dietary choice.

*Eat REAL food. Stay away from processed foods. Select food that is “colorful” and rich in nutrients and vitamins. (And, yes, this should include fruits and vegetables.)

*Limit your portions. Get to know what an actual portion should look like.  (You will be shocked!) Most restaurants serve guests 3-5 portions per plate! If you dine out frequently, make sure to recognize your (1) portion, place it on your plate, and immediately request a To Go box to be brought to the table before you devour it all! Remember, you can eat just about anything, but you must be aware of the fat and calories you are eating.

*Don’t get hung up on a “number” for your actual weight loss. I try to stay away from scales and numbers. My pants will tell me where I am each day! Be aware your weight loss may not be immediate, but consider your overall measurements. When you decide to start your new plan, make sure to take all your measurements and keep them for future reference.

*Think LONG-TERM goals. This will take patience and planning. This should be a realistic goal (one year or even longer). I continue to look at the “future goal,” not a finite date when I can return to my old habits!

* Try to find some sort of additional physical exercise. It might be as simple as lifting a few weights, walking, biking, or anything that you might enjoy!

*Don’t take it too seriously, and try to enjoy the new foods and benefits you will discover if you stay on plan.

You can do it! Dedication will bring amazing results that can last you a lifetime.



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