A Typical Sunday

Hi all, I’m Brad, Mary’s grandson.  Every month this summer I’ve been posting photos from my life in Alaska.  For my last post of the summer, I thought I’d share what a typical hike looks like.


This week, we decided to hike Black Tail Rocks, a popular hike near the town of Eagle River, which is a part of the municipality of Anchorage.  What I’m getting at is, this is right near our biggest city and it’s an incredibly accessible hike. We’re spoiled.

Most trails have plenty of wildflowers like these.  

In Alaska, many people fly for fun.  Small planes like these zip overhead every single day.  This photo was taken after about 2 hours of hiking, and our final destination was right up where the clouds hit the peak.


From where the clouds began, we could see all the way from Anchorage to Wasilla, a span of about 50 miles.  As you can see, the rock formations are quite interesting, and we saw plenty of marmots.  So there you have it, a typical weekend hike in Alaska.  Thanks for reading.





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