Addiction Recovery – Confidence

Hope for the journey
Addiction Recovery

I believe you would agree with me; our biggest problem in addiction recovery was the inability to stop using compulsively. Sadly the problem is never solved permanently, but it is overcome on a day-to-day basis. As the days of sobriety stack up, we grow in confidence. Confidence is the knowledge that however tough life gets, we have tools and resources for dealing with it. Confidence is believing in ourselves as children of God and people of value. Confidence is the willingness to give what we have, with the faith that our gifts are needed and acceptable.
When we have confidence in God and in ourselves, we are willing to try even though we may fail. If we fail, we are willing to try again. Since our will and our lives are turned over to God, we have confidence that everything eventually works out for our good.


~ Food for Thought, Hazelden