And Speaking of Waiting…

And speaking of WAITING . . .

During the past couple of years that THE COUSINS have been writing this blog together, we have also been up to something else.  After long years of meditating on the idea, The City Cousin, Mary Zigan, has written her memoir!  And I (aka Country Cousin and ex-English teacher) have had the fun of tagging along and correcting the punctuation.

Mary’s long-awaited book is called The Upside-Down Heart, and it is due to be released next month!

Here is what a couple of professionals who read the manuscript said about it:

Mary Zigan’s memoir gives a moving, honest account of a woman’s long road from hardscrabble Minnesota to “Down Under” Australia.  It also depicts the more important journey from low self-esteem to a strong confidence in herself as a beloved child of God.  Mary’s teaching and leadership have been a great blessing to her congregation, as I am certain her story will prove to be for many readers.    Morris Wee, Senior Pastor,  Advent Lutheran Church, Maple Grove, MN

Mary Zigan’s personal life journey is a compelling, honest, and true reflection of faith, hope, and redemption.  You will discover without Mary’s incredible strength and belief in God she would have never survived so many difficult and dark days.  Mary has always been such an inspiration in my life.  May her personal journey bring you a message of hope, love, and spiritual devotion, and may all the amazing gifts that God offers strengthen and comfort us no matter what challenges or circumstances we may be facing.

Julie DeMuth, Interior Designer, Brooklyn Park, MN

STAY TUNED!  Next week you will get a sneak preview—an excerpt from the memoir, right here in our blog.  We think you’ll be surprised.