Daydreaming: Cheap Fun…

Daydreaming:  Cheap Fun . . .

By Sharon Sheppard

Rustling leaves of orange, amber, and magenta scud across the walk, begging to be picked up.  I bend down and choose the most brilliant specimens: birch, boxelder, and assorted sizes and colors of maple leaves–too appealing to pass up–and bring them inside to savor.

My thoughts wander to school days when we used to gather leaves for projects, learn to identify the trees that bore them, and carefully mount them with paste on colored construction paper.  Today as I reminisce about the simple, low-tech/no-tech autumn days of long ago, I catch myself yearning for some of those homespun pleasures.

It gets dark early in October in northern Minnesota, but inside it’s cozy and warm. I’m back in the kitchen of the home where I grew up, seated with my parents and brothers at our gate-leg table.  I can smell again the fragrant aroma of hot loaves of homemade bread being pulled out of the oven of the wood range, roasted grouse my dad or one of my brothers has hunted, potatoes dug from our garden, along with string beans Mother canned last summer.  Warm pumpkin pie for dessert.  Everything is homemade.

Good-natured kidding.  Silly laughter.

Simple joys.  Homemade fun.

No extra charge for the reminiscing.

We need time to dream, time to remember, and time to reach the infinite.  Time to be.    Author Gladys Taber (1899-1980)