De-cluttering Can Be So Overwhelming…

De-cluttering can seem SO overwhelming . . .

Because “stuff” accumulates so fast, the task of de-cluttering can be

overwhelming. To help you start the New Year right, here are a few tips to

help simplify your life without leaving you feeling stuck emotionally.

*Before you start throwing away, sort everything into three categories:

Charity Donation, Keepsake to Pack Away, or Item to be Used Now.

*Ask yourself: Is this item useful, beautiful, or meaningful?

*Ask yourself: Do I really need this item? If you hesitate, you probably don’t.

*Tackle only one room at a time.

*When you buy something new, practice the in/out rule: Something New?  Something Old has to go to make room for it.

The main point with de-cluttering is to BEGIN! There is a sense of freedom

that happens when you decide to travel light. It’s good for the soul . . . and

it is so worth the effort!


Mary Z.