Farm-Style Oatmeal

I’m not sure if the oatmeal tasted so good because I was a farm girl whose Mother only cooked with butter and cream, or if it made me feel nurtured loved and secure.

In my child’s mind, food equaled love. Mother’s oatmeal was not really made from a recipe, because there were no measured amounts. In those days, water came from the dipper and the pail on the sink.

More than likely two dippers of water were heated in a large kettle and when the water came to a boil, about two cups of old-fashioned oats and a pinch of salt were added. The oatmeal simmered on the stove and was stirred as needed. Then, cream was added until the grains were plump and the texture was very creamy.

There is no way you can ruin this breakfast treat. Even today when I eat my oatmeal farm style…I feel satisfied way down in my belly.

Old fashioned oats
Brown sugar
Raisins ( optional)
Cream or whole milk…and butter!

Yum Yum….Enjoy!