Free to Be Fit

Free to Be Fit by Mary Zigan

Spring is in the air! Hot weather is on the horizon! That thought can strike terror in the hearts and minds of many woman who don’t want to give up “the cover up.” I know. I have been there. The chill of winter makes it a safer time to cover our fat with layers of clothes. But, if we are honest, we really want to be free of the fat and the delusion and denial that goes with the cover up. Do you like me, look ahead to what feeling thin would be like, and get discouraged before you start. There’s the wedding, the concert, the family reunion all coming up, and they ALL involve food. When we look ahead and project, analyze, scrutinize, nurse and rehearse, we borrow trouble with a capital T.

There is a solution: Today is a good day to ask God for recovery.  Why not believe that today a new life is possible? It takes willingness and belief to turn our lives over to the One who has the power to rescue us from this place of defeat and discouragement. Yes, by God’s grace willingness and belief are the way out of the darkness and a road map to be free and fit. We can open ourselves to accept this gift with gratitude and do our part to stay the course by choosing to walk in His faithfulness just for today.

Lord, I am grateful for the opportunity to be on the journey of recovery from emotional eating and food obsessions.

Mary Z.

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