Freedom From Addiction


Freedom from Addiction:

Wrapped Up or Free?

When wrapped up in ourselves, we are wholly consumed with our own needs, wants, and desires. We have no interest in the concerns of others or in their personal situations. Yet since none of us can ever have all of life served on a platter, we addicts have chosen to fill the gap with indulgent behaviors. Interestingly, though, instead of feeling fulfilled, we find that our problems have intensified and become more complicated. Our addiction is an act of self-absorption.

We now have the option to look beyond our own little world and start letting others into our hearts.  We can enjoy the sharing of ourselves in intimacy with dear friends. The paradox is that by getting outside of ourselves, connecting with those around us, we are free to love and experience others at a whole new level. Previously, our addiction served as a barrier to true relationships…but now we are practicing letting go.  This allows more time and energy for the freedom of fellowship and love to flow.

~ Lose It for Life

By Mary Z