Good News!


In one of my journals I logged a profound new way of thinking about self- forgiveness. I don’t know who the thoughts came from or where, but I concur 100% with the sentiments.

I and probably you, have heard this numerous times: ” I can’t forgive myself.” This can be a ball and chain around our necks if we fall for this thinking. Our gracious God has a different message for us: Christ’s sacrifice on the cross eliminates the need for us to forgive ourselves for our sin.

As our author of Hebrews points out (Hebrews 10:14),  if our forgiveness relies on our doing something, then that forgiveness really has no effect at all, outside of creating guilt. Will forgiving ourselves free us from our sin? No, it subconsciously puts the focus on us instead of humbling us before our Lord in the knowledge that we don’t deserve to be forgiven.

Jesus’ offering on the cross made us holy once and for all time. He fulfilled the first covenant. No more sacrifices, no more us us ” do-ing” to gain our cleansing.”

Done deal. How freeing. Jesus, I can’t forgive myself, but you have done it for me.


~ Mary Z