There is a misguided notion that God’s grace increases as our faith matures. If that were accurate…we would be earning His blessings through our good works. The truth is, spiritual growth broadens our capacity to recognize and enjoy God’s grace in our lives. May this poem from one who has surrendered to God’s grace bless you!




How am I ever going to stop, I don’t know what to do.

I think I can do it this time, but I really have no clue.

Did it again, can’t be helped, so ashamed I could cry.

I really have to stop living, this terrible, terrible lie.


I am alone, so afraid, it seems like nobody is there,

I wish there was someone to help me, I really want to share.

Where to start, how to go, the darkness is closing in!

Maybe it is time to pray, it feels like it’s the end.


Is it too late, will it do any good, he doesn’t help people like me.

There is nothing else for me to do, that I can plainly see.

I close my eyes, clear my mind and I begin to pray.

God please forgive me, as I have lost my way.


Slowly a tear comes to my eye, I feel a presence here.

God’s Grace is filling up my heart, it now seems very clear.

“Come back to me my child; return, surrender, be free.”

“When you accept my grace, all you need is me.”


Will you be with me, on my path as I turn my life around?

How will I know you will be there, if I stumble and fall on the ground?

“Look at everything that you’ve done, everything you have put yourself through.”

“Is there any doubt that you are still on earth, because of how much I have always loved you?”


Now I feel it, it must be true, why is it so hard to see?

I am only here by the Grace of God; it is his Grace that has blessed me.

Every day, good or bad, I stop and say a prayer.

God’s Grace is always with me and I have nothing left to fear.


~ Anonymous