How to Fall in Love with Your Husband All Over Again

1        Make a list of 5 things that attracted you to him when you were first falling in love.  Follow up with a list of 5 things you love about him now.  (There may or may not be overlap in these two lists.)  Then write him a letter sharing your lists.

2       Make some time to sit down alone together and talk about your relationship.  Tell him you long for more emotional intimacy, and ask what you could do to help make this happen.

3       Get rid of the love busters in your marriage: criticism, nagging, angry outbursts, disrespectful behavior, selfish demands.  Are there issues that need to be ironed out?  Things for which you need to forgive each other?

4       Make him your top priority.  Next to God, your husband should come first in your life.  Yes, even above your children!

5       Flirt with your husband.  Let him know you still find him attractive.  Be playful.  Be generous with compliments.

6              Set aside time to be alone together on a regular basis (a weekly or biweekly date; an annual overnight or weekend getaway).  Dates need not be expensive or elaborate, but they should allow time for you to focus on each other.

7              Get more sleep!  Few things kill romance as easily as simple fatigue.  Turn off the electronics.  Grab short naps.  Deal with sleep deprivation.

8              Initiate sex.  Keeping your husband happy in bed will go a long way toward keeping him happy the rest of the time.

9              Pray for him.  Pray for your relationship.  Ask God to restore the attraction you once felt and to help you to know what you most need to work on.

10           Take a sentimental journey.  Revisit the places that were special to you when you were dating.  This can be an actual trip, or it can be a time of reminiscing.  Get out your wedding album, look at photos of your early years together, and relive the good times you’ve had as a couple.

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