How to Fall in Love With Your Husband


In honor of mothers everywhere, our blog

posts this month will all be centered around

ways moms can enrich their family lives.

Just before I was to give birth to my first child,

my own wise and wonderful mother gave me

this priceless advice:  “The best thing you can

do for your children is to love their father.”


How to Fall in Love with Your Husband . . .

All over again!


1        List 5 things that attracted you to him in the first placeNext list the 5 things you most appreciate about him now.  Write him a love letter and tell him.


2        Have an honest discussion with him about jump-starting your romance.  Tell him you would like to spend more time with him.


3        Flirt with your husband.  Let him know you still find him attractive.  Remember: In a good marriage, the chase is never over.  


4        Get rid of the “Love Busters”angry outbursts, disrespectful behavior, selfish demands, and–above all–criticism.


5        Make time to be alone together (both at home and away from home).  Plan regular dates (once every other week, minimum) and try for at least one overnight getaway a year.

6        Get some sleep!   Sexual desire is often in direct proportion to the amount of rest you get.  Turn off the TV and computer.  Put the kids to bed earlier.  Cut down on some of the commitments that are eating up your time.


7        Initiate SEX.  Make it a priority.  Schedule it if necessary.


8        Put your husband first in your life—above your children.  Really!


9        Pray for your husband and for your marriage every day.


10      Take a sentimental journeyGo back to some of the places that were special to you when you were dating.  Or just reminisce about them!


© Copyright, Sharon Sheppard