Just For Today

The forthcoming story is from, Hazelden Meditation series,

Food for Thought, Daily Meditations for Overeaters. I (Mary) certainly can relate to this person’s story toward recovery. Our faithful God knew we could only handle one-day-at-a-time.


Just for today


I do not have to plan the rest of my life this

morning.  All I have is today. I do not need to

worry about what I will have for dinner tomor-

row night. All I need to be concerned about

today is today’s food plan.


By accepting the fact I cannot eat

spontaneously—whatever and whenever I feel

like it—I have freed myself to live more spon-

taneously. I make plans for the things that need

to be done, but I find time left over to use as the

Spirit moves. I will not decide today what I will

do with that free time tomorrow. Tomorrow will

bring new possibilities and promptings.


Just for today, I am living my program. I will

not worry about how hard it will be to work it

tomorrow. Tomorrow I will have new strength

and fresh insight. Just for today, I will re-

member to stop and listen to the inner voice and

follow where it leads. When I follow it, there is

adventure in the day and joy in my heart.


Thank You for today.

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