Mary Zigan


I’m a farm girl gone city!  As my husband Don used to say, “Those are the worst kind!”  He was teasing (at least I hope he was!), but there is an outside chance that there’s some truth to it.  I pinch a dime and throw $100 bills around with ease!  (That is, when I can get my hands on bills that size.)

I’ve got 23 grandkids, and I am the queen of “care packages.” I’m also the queen of five-ingredients-or-less recipes.  And I particularly love the challenge of creating gourmet meals from simple recipes.  So be on the lookout for some of those.

My grandson Brad, who is now a young adult, has been encouraging me to tell him stories from my life.  So stay tuned for some of those, and you can judge for yourself whether my journey has been based on wise or unwise choices.

So even though I was raised on the farm, I’m a city girl at heart.  My name is Mary Zigan, but you can think of me as The City Cousin.


Mary Zigan is founder of Free to Be Fit™, a support group for men and women like herself who are in addiction recovery.  She is also a teacher of ecumenical Bible studies, including GodChicks™.

Her creative eye for beauty and her commonsense approach to living have helped her build a successful 30+ year career as a freelance interior designer.