More Joy, Less Stress

Wine Glasses at Christmas

More joy . . . less stress

This is what most of us want at this busy season—more joy. But how do we get

there? I have been reflecting on that thought for days. Without being overly

simplistic and geeky, I have come up with a RECIPE beginning with Rs that I hope

will RESONATE with you.

RESOLVE to not let temporal “stuff” get in the way of joy.

REFLECT on what has worked in the past to bring you fulfillment.

RESEARCH charity groups online that may need volunteer help.

RAISE your glass . . . but not too high. Overindulging with food or drink just

adds more stress.

REMEMBER the REASON for the season is Immanuel: “God with us.”

RESPOND to the truth of this gift of CHRISTmas LOVE and JOY!

Mary Z.