Photos From the Last Frontier

Spring comes late in Alaska.  It starts in the valleys in late March to early April and doesn’t complete it’s climb up the mountains until mid-July.  Only in the last two days have the trees started to bud, which means for about a month we’ve been living in the brown zone, the time period between snow melt and bloom.  If you look across a vast, open space, you pretty much only see browns and greys, which depending on your attitude, can be depressing or a sign of hope.  A friend of mine made the observation that the lack of color makes the few things with color that much more striking.  I think he’s right.  The brown zone gives you days when you can get up with the sun and drive up into the mountains to cross country ski, only to come home in the afternoon and ride your bike.  If I’ve learned anything about weather and seasons in Alaska, it’s that it’s best to not plan your life around it.  Don’t wait for things to be warm enough, dry enough, sunny enough, or anything enough.  It’s best to just embrace the brown.

-Mary’s grandson, Brad


The alpenglow on some Anchorage peaksBeautiful brown
A curious marmot pokes his head up

Two otters try to stay warm in the harbor

A close up of some rocks near the sea

The greys of the sea

My dog, Tim, exploring the newly created lake in our front yard