Preserve Those Special Childhood Moments!

Preserve those special childhood moments!

Ever had one of those special moments when your child did something so charming that it warmed your heart clear through?  Aah . . . if only you could freeze that moment . . .

PRACTICE SAVORING / Aim for the HEART ! / Get creative / SAVE CUTENESS

  • Ramp up your awareness so you’re on the lookout for small, but precious moments, and look for creative ways to preserve them.


  • Journal – Jot down cute things your child says, describe vignettes, little snippets of happenings, small acts that touch you, precocious words or actions. Record in a notebook, on your iPad, or on a scrap of paper.


  • Write a letter to your child on his birthday each year. Reflect on what you’ve observed about him and affirm him for progress.  Save a copy and give him a collection of all the letters for his high school graduation.


  • Record “A Day in the Life of (your child)” showing an ordinary day from waking up to going to bed–video, still photos, or journaled descriptions.


  • Keep a collection of the conversations or actions that touch your heart. Could be in a notebook, computer file, index cards . . . or ?


  • Save a collection of your child’s art work – from her earliest attempts. Jot down the child’s age on the back.


  • Jot down things that your child does that make you laugh!


  • Set aside a special box for meaningful mementoes: favorite toy, a clipping off her “blankie,” his first tooth, a clipping of baby hair . . . Remember to include a small note about the significance of the object.


  • Choose a few favorite photos and add some narrative for an occasional hardcover book (Shutterfly, or similar brand).


  • Make a recording of you or your husband or a grandparent reading a favorite book to your child. Could be audio or video.


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