Reflections on our Wedding Day

By Jenna Griffin, Mary Z’s granddaughter

So many things about our wedding day were special that it would be hard to single out just one meaningful part. First of all, it meant the world to us that our friends and family could be with us, especially since it meant a long trip for some of them. However, the day was most of all about celebrating what God was calling us into as a couple.
We found that making moments separate for ourselves added such joy. Before we even saw each other, we had private moments with our parents, knowing we wouldn’t see them much the rest of the day. It was so special to have that time with them!
We also really appreciated stealing an hour away after the ceremony to be by ourselves and let the day soak in. We were married!!
And then we loved the moment where we had our wedding party come and surround us and pray for us. It was so emotional, but we felt so blessed! The whole day was absolutely perfect!”
The Griffins: Jamie and Jenna