The beauty of living with the disease of addiction is that it has propelled me to the end of myself. To the place where self-will, ego, self-propulsion, pride and fear do not work; for they are the friends of addiction feeding the disease that will slowly kill me. The solution to this problem lies in Surrender to God which leads to a life of freedom and love.

It sounds simple, however it is not. Surrender requires a letting go of false ideas and beliefs. It requires asking questions of myself like; have I perceived myself accurately in the eyes of a loving God? Have I stopped worrying and trust my God has all things in control? Have I surrendered all parts of my life to Him?

This is the work of recovery. Living in recovery requires ACTION. Daily action. Often I see people who have quit drinking or drugging but none of their behaviors have changed. Not only are they at risk for relapse, they are miserable folks; often angry and disillusioned. The action of recovery is in meditation, serving others, prayer, and a host of other things. Recovery for me will look different than it will for you. There is no magic formula. Our action comes from knowing ourselves well enough to know what action is required in our recovery today. It requires self-awareness and introspection. We cannot surrender something we can’t identify. I have to be willing to admit fear, pride, hurt, control and so on to be able to surrender it and walk free.

~ Terri Johnson