Sharon Sheppard


There were more people in my first college class than there were in the whole town where I grew up. Before I moved to the Big City to try to get an education, I lived in a small village in northern Minnesota—population: 350.  In fact, my younger brother’s whole high school graduating class could fit into a phone booth.  But hardly anybody knows what a phone booth is anymore so that distinction doesn’t count for much.  Even though I now have some education and have traveled in 32 foreign countries, I still have freckles.  When my husband-to-be and I were dating, he teased me about the great alliterative name he could give me.  As you can see, it turned out to be a pretty good selling point.  My name is (now) Sharon Sheppard.  But you can think of me as The Country Cousin.


Sharon Sheppard is a freelance writer who has published hundreds of articles on a variety of topics, including abortion, adoption, blended families, creativity, eating disorders, family heritage, homeschooling, infertility, and marriage, to name a few.

She speaks on campuses and at retreats, and is a speaker on marriage topics for MOPS (Mothers of Preschoolers).

In addition to speaking, she makes it a habit to listen.  Her psychotherapist daughter says, “Mom does the same thing I do, only I get paid for it.”