Spruce up Your Wardrobe

2014-01-31 21.34.13

Spruce up your wardrobe.  Add a belt (or two…)

Why bother with a belt?  Because a belt can do a whole lot more than
hold a garment together.  It’s an accessory that pulls an outfit
together–in more ways than one.

A belt can add a finishing touch that provides class and completeness
to an outfit.

The width of a belt should depend on body shape.  A larger woman can
wear a wider belt.  A petite woman looks best in a narrow belt.

If you want to place emphasis at the waist, you may want to choose a
belt in a contrasting color instead of one that blends in with the
color of your clothing.  If you’re short-waisted, a belt worn low on
the hip will provide visual length.

Have fun experimenting!

Mary Z.