The Holidays Don’t Have to be Stressful

With these tips, you can enjoy the season.

  • Plan ahead.  You can’t do everything, so make a realistic plan.
  • Don’t stop at the entry.  Take your holiday decor throughout your entire home. Simple, small touches in rooms make a huge difference.
  • Dim the lights.Buy plug-in dimmers for all your lamps. They are inexpensive, sold at most hardware stores, and anyone can install them. They bring instant ambiance to any room.
  • Cookies are essential.The holidays are all about the treats. Even if you can’t bake, slice up pre-made cookie dough and stick it in the oven. The smell of cookies baking is enough to put anyone in the holiday mood.
  • Get wrapping.Reuse interesting papers, bags, magazines and newspapers for gift wrap. It’s essentially free, since you already have it, and eco-friendly. Make it interesting with a special ribbon, topper, or accent.
  • Less really is more.The holidays can be about extravagance, but if you overwhelm yourself and your home with too much décor, baking, and gift giving, it can compete for attention and distract you from the importance of the season.
  • Enjoy!


Mary Z