Visualization Exercise

Our guest this month is Terri L. Johnson, Life Coach


My years in recovery have been transforming for me. I wrote this mediation to not only help myself in my journey, but also as a means of helping others. Practiced often, it is a great tool to become comfortable with myself and with God.  ~ Terri J. Johnson, Life Coach


justBe: Visualization Exercise   


To do this mindfulness meditation, give yourself twenty minutes.

Find a place to sit (or lie down) where you feel comfortable and that has limited distractions.


A place to rest into the Silence and Solitude.


Imagine a place that is peaceful. What does that space look like for you?

Imagine being there relaxed and comfortable…

What do you see?      What does it feel like?        Sit with your breathing…

What do you notice?   How do you feel emotionally?  How does your body feel? You may want to write something down.   In your mind’s eye find a place to sit in your peaceful space… on a bench, in an easy chair, a beach chair, wherever is comfortable… and rest in that place.


Relax and Breathe.

What are you grateful for in this place and this time?

Now ask Jesus to join you there.

Ask Him to help you be aware of His presence there.

Talk with Him and share your gratefulness, and just be.

What would you want to tell Him?    That you love Him?    That you’re angry?

Sit with that…

Maybe write something down.

Now what are you noticing? Is your space still the same?

Are you holding anything back?  Can you say it? Can you let it go?

What is Jesus be saying to you?   What do you notice?

Write it down.

Spend a minute or two thanking Him.

Let Him know how grateful you are for this space and time with Him. Tell Jesus that you want to return to this place to be here with Him again.  To Just Be with Him.

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