Waking up to Truth

Addiction and Recovery

Waking Up To Truth

The upcoming months can be stressful as we begin the holidays. Especially for people like myself with a food addiction. We may not “look” like an addicts, zoned out and falling down drunk. Therefore, overeaters sometimes get brushed off as “we really don’t understand” what having an addiction is like. The truth is most of us feed our illusions with excess food and the illusions get bigger and stronger until we surrender to a power greater than ourselves. God then leads us into the truth of who we are….which penetrates and dispels illusions.

Since it is truth that sets us free…free from crippling fears, we come to love this truth, even when it hurts. It was mainly fear that kept us from recognizing the truth about ourselves. Loving truth means that we acknowledge it to be too big for any of us to grasp completely.

Happily, each day is a new start to devote time and energy in striving for truth in all that we think, say and do. And guess what, God is abundantly glorified, and we are walking fully awake!

Mary Z.