Weddings – Is There Something to be Said for Waiting?

Is there something to be said for WAITING . . . until the time is right?

According to, the average length for engagements is 13.8 months.

Recently, after an engagement of 8 years, my nephew and his fiancé tied the knot last month.  Literally.

The ceremony was small, intimate, and meaningful, and the knot-tying component was based on the Old Testament marriage of Moses and Zipporah.

It was strictly a family affair.  My brother, a retired minister, officiated.  My son gave the bride away, and I was matron of honor.  My 20-year-old grandson, an accomplished chef, prepared the wedding dinner.  Counting the bride and groom, there were ten of us in attendance.  But after the wedding the bride said, “The love that was in that room was amazing!”